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Due to the overwhelming response we had received for our Jashan/Gahambar, we were forced to take some rather unpopular decisions and accept only financial members. However, there were many disappointed members who were unhappy they had missed out.
The committee has deliberated long and hard on how we can do our best for everyone, whilst keeping in perspective the Covid social distancing rules in force. Many have said that we have a five acre property so there should be no problem.  True, but if there is rain on the day, we have problems.  However, we have done our best to utilise all the space available, to overcome this probability.
We are now happy to announce that we will accommodate ALL THOSE WHO HAVE REGISTERED IN BOTH 1ST AND 2ND ROUNDS – THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THE RIGHT THING AND PAID THEIR MEMBERSHIP FEES, AS WELL AS THOSE WHO ARE NON-FINANCIAL MEMBERS.  We hope that non-financial members who attend the Gahambar will opt to pay some part of the fees as they deem fit, for the year 2020/2021.We will also be accepting membership fees for the new financial year starting 1st July 2021. It is not easy maintaining a five acre property.  The volunteers and working bee do a fantastic job to keep costs down, however bills still have to be paid and this can only be done with the cooperation of ALL members.
We have to maintain a register of all attendees to comply with Covid restrictions. You will be required to sign off against your name.
Having overcome this major hurdle, we had to satisfy some of our Irani brethren and others who were not happy because we were having the Gahambar during Bahman Mahino which is a “meat free” month for them.  We tried our best to have the Gahambar earlier in the month of Dae but Covid came in the way. We felt it was better to have a Jashan/Gahambar rather than no Gahambar at all.  We have spoken to our generous sponsors and they assure us that vegetarians will be catered for. Please ring and let us know if you are a vegetarian, for catering purposes.
Now for some house rules.
1.  The Jashan will start at 11 am sharp.  Please arrive before 10.30 am to register.
2.  We strongly urge all members to pool cars as parking is going to be a big problem.  Please adhere to instructions by our parking attendants and do the right thing.  Please DO NOT park on the streets as there have been problems in the past. We will be organising extra parking in the adjacent school if our car park gets full.
3.  Please bring folding chairs if you can.
And lastly, we need volunteers to help us on the day.  If you are able to help, please contact us.
On behalf of  AZA Management Committee

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