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Welcoming our fellow Zarathushti brothers and sisters to join hands with us in forwarding the vision of Zarathushtra

Hawan Gah

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Rapithwin Gah

11:53 PM

Uzerin Gah

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Aiwisruthrem Gah

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Join The Path Of Asha!

We are a Zoroastrian community organisation based in Sydney NSW. Our Darbe Mehr is used to teach our young ones about our faith, bring our seniors together and promote a feeling of community. The Australian Zoroastrian Association of New South Wales was formed in the early 1970s from humble beginnings when the number of Zoroastrians in Sydney was estimated to be only seventy-five. Today, the Australian Zoroastrian Association of NSW (AZA) is an incorporated association under the Incorporation Associations Act of New South Wales.

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Our aim is to help our members in passing down the heritage, culture and traditions of the Zoroastrian community to younger generations.


We are trying to help enrich our Zoroastrian community by providing knowledge on Zarathushtra and encouraging the community congregation.

Follow The Path Of Asha

Become a part of our community and follow the honorable path of righteousness. Learn more about Zoroastrianism and find peace and spirituality within our faith.

Sunday School

We have dedicated teachers who will make sure you learn prayers and traditions correctly.

Muktad Services

We strive to assist every departed soul and their family with muktad prayers.

Navjot Ceremonies

We have mobeds who will make sure you learn prayers and traditions correctly and perform your navjot/ sudhreh-kushti ceremony.

Wedding Ceremonies

We have mobeds who will perform your wedding ceremony.

Community Events

We have a packed calendar throughout the year with events and celebrations.

Seniors Day

We have a dedicated seniors day to help our community seniors come together.

The Pillers Of Asha

Be sure to hold these pillars of Asha very close to your heart. May Mazda guide you on the right path. Take a closer look at these.

Vohu Manah

Good mind and good purpose

Asha Vahishta

Truth and righteousness

Spenta Ameraiti

Serenity and loving kindness

Khashathra Vairya

Power and just rule


Wholeness and health


Long life and immortality

Donate For a cause or to AZA

May Mazda give the opportunity to help families who are in need, and offer them a safe stay and health when lives are at risk.

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