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I hereby apply to become a member of the Australian Zoroastrian Association. I hereby certify that I have met the following criteria listed under clauses 1.6 and 4 of the AZA Constitution: a) A Zoroastrian is a person who espouses the fundamental tenets and precepts of the Zoroastrian faith and has been inducted into the faith through a Navjote/Sudreh Pushi ceremony (initiation ceremony), performed by an ordained mobed/priest (one who has undergone a ‘navar’ ceremony in a Zoroastrian fire temple but not including mobediar/s) and b) Who has one or both parents who are Zoroastrians by birth and not by conversion and c) I am a Permanent Resident and/or Citizen of Australia. (This requirement does not apply to a Temporary Resident living in Sydney and holding a short term Australian Work or Student visa). d) (a) and (b) above do not apply to applications for Associate Membership In the event of my admission as a member, I agree to be bound by the Constitution of the Association for the time being in force.

All new applications must be nominated and seconded by a current financial member of the Association.

AZA holds the rights to contact your proposer and seconder to confirm the details provided.


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