50 Years Commemorative Book

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They say every journey begins with a single step and this applies very aptly to this book. This is not a history of Zoroastrianism but a history of the Zoroastrian diaspora in New South Wales, Australia from the early 1970s onwards.

It is unbelievable that fifty years have so swiftly passed since the Australian Zoroastrian Association (AZA) of New South Wales (NSW) was formed in Sydney. It has fulfilled our dreams and many goals. 

In 2016 a short history was penned and titled On Top Down Under in a beautiful hard bound book of 520 pages titled Threads of Community – Zoroastrian Life & Culture (edited by Dr Shernaz Cama in India). It detailed the humble beginnings of AZA of NSW. Since then we have gathered more achievements and advancements.

Soon after our arrival in Sydney in 1970, we met a few Zoroastrians already settled here since the late sixties. We were less than 75 in number then but plans for our future were avidly discussed with great optimism at friendly gatherings. On the forefront of our plans was the formation of an Association and the dream of having “a place of our own.”