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In this edition of Zoroastrian in focus, we have for you an individual that lives the values of Asho Zarathustra every single day in life. From recording the holy hymns of the Avesta for others, to teaching the faith to individuals interested in being more Zoroastrian, this individual stays strong to his beliefs and his faith is an inspiration for many.

Our Zoroastrian in focus studied agriculture, he holds a Bachelor of Agriculture plant breeding, bachelor of sustainable agriculture and food security and a master’s degree in agronomy.  He works as a plant breeder.

Here are a few short questions with Parham Esmi.


Tell us about your journey and passion in connecting with Ahura Mazda
I try to make it short 🙂
When I was 8-9 years old in grade 4 History book of primary school was mentioned that religion of Persians before Arab and Muslim conquest was Zoroastrianism and Asho Zarathustra was the prophet of the religion. It was just a sentence and nothing more but it sparked the flame of love of Asho Zarathustra and Zoroastrianism. I never stopped loving my good religion since then and it’s even growing everyday.
After that I kept asking my father why we Persians did change our religion and my father told me the story of Arabs conquest of Iran and the events after that. We I became aware of that I told my family that I’m not Muslim and I’m Zoroastrian and I fact I never been a Muslim because since age of 8-9 I knew myself as a Zoroastrian. My family accepted that and my father was my biggest supporter at the time. He gifted me a translation of Avesta for my 10th birthday and after that I stated educating myself about Zoroastrianism but because of my family Polotical background and the political situation in Iran and Mullas government I never been able to contact Zoroastrian community in Iran.
I came through a very long journey my family political background and the political situation in Iran made it very difficult to stay in iran therefore I fled the my beloved country for good and came to Australia. When I came to Australia I tried to find any Zoroastrian community in Australia and Sydney and I met late Sharyar Amanat and we became very good friends he helped me a lot and shared his knowledge of Zoroastrianism with me and also invited me to Dar-e-Mehr and that was my contacting point to AZA since then I tried to do my best to be part of the Community. I met late Akhtar Ostowari as well she was really kind to me. Also, I met Nazi Marzbani , she helped me a lot as well and shared her knowledge of Gāthā with me.
Finally, after a very long Journey I have done My Navjote in 2018 in Perth during the 11the Zoroastrian congress and that event was a very big step in My journey I don’t know how to describe it but it  was a flourishing point for me. Since then I were able to gain knowledge and educate myself furthermore. I started to study Avesta language as well as Pahlavi. I spent a lot of time (around 2 years) to learn Avesta language academically and I’m still learning the language as well as Pahlavi.
Parham’s Navjot being performed by Mobed Niknam in Perth, witnessed by hundreds of Zoroastrians
What drives your contribute so much to the AZA. You come all the way from Coffs Harbour for events and working bees. Why? What ignites that passion in you?
The love of the religion and Asho Zarathustra and  the community derive me to do that. I am so passionate to be part of the community I love to help the community and I will never stop it.  What ever I do it is from my heart I don’t know how to describe it but I don’t involve my mind I just go ahead with my feeling and my love to the community.
What should the AZA do to help its members light the flame of Mazda in them?
I just want the community to accept me as a member of it like other community members ( Zoroastrians by birth). I JUST WANT TO BE A PART OF MY COMMUNITY.


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